Tuesday, December 23, 2014



It's 12 Days of Christmas at Mscraps & it's my turn for this day's freebie. There are special offers and freebies from December 13th through December 24th.

BUT in order to get the freebies, you'll have to be a Mscraps Newsletter subscriber. Freebie links will be sent out via Mscraps' Newsletter every evening GMT. AND links will be available for 24 hours before they'll be disabled. SO if you haven't subscribed yet, click here >>> Mscraps Newsletter <<<. I am posting this early so you can still have time to subscribe if you haven't yet. :)

For today, December 23, here's a preview of my 12 Days of Christmas freebie... (to which I have used some of this pack from my December Daily 2014.)

- - - - - - -

AND here's my birthday man...
Happy 3-th Birthday to my constant K.
With each year I'll love you even more.
The best days are just ahead of you 
I'll be there (with the boys) for every up, down & in between. 
I love you to the universe & back.

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