Marhaba... Dayon...

My name is Ingrid (Ing for short), 38, SAHM from Philippines to Al Ain, UAE with my husband & 2 boys.

More about me >>> Chinky-eyed. Thin eyebrow & pale skin. A bit over weight with bulging belly. Rice eater & pasta lover. Likes cakes & cupcakes. Loves to be cuddled & hugged (all the time). Shy & moody at times. Strict they say. Easily cries. Likes watching romantic, dramatic & comedy films. Husband says i'm unfashinable. Shirt & pants. Flipflops. Homecook. Listener rather than talker. Collects recipes, FRIDGE MAGNETS & would like to start collecting mason jars. TEA LOVER. POSTCARDS & snail mail.

Loves to digiscraps & paper scraps with every chance I get. Tries to take photograps for memory-keeping; therefore, decided to do Project Life last year 2013 & hope to carry on in the coming years.

Thanks for dropping by my blog & hope to inspire you somehow.

>>> January 19, 2015 <<<