Sunday, June 8, 2014


Well hello...
I have been wanting to blog for weeks now but can't seem to find the right time. Now, I needed to spread the news about Shaui's fabulous new products at her P&Co shop (Happy Box). I'm late spreading the news already though.

Here are my layouts using her products:
So i have also been pushing myself to do exercise at home since I'm gaining too much weight & I'm not feeling healthy anymore. I've been 1 step forward & 2 steps backward on this. But for the past 2 weeks I'm glad I am able to exercise for the weekdays even for just 10-30 min a day. It's a big accomplishment already. Though there are times I feel really frustrated if I am doing it correctly like on the video I am following because I don't feel like it's working even if I am sweating too much & grasping for my breath already. But I know I have to push more & a friend said "do your best & forget the rest".
(using: HappyBox - Summer Day, Summer Night, Summer Blocks & Vellum)

This is another layout of my parents in Philippines. I am glad that they are still able to enjoy blessings like this. Life is harder for them now, I know, but I have seen their faith in God. No matter how difficult life is to them, for our family, they are still committed on serving God. We're not a close knit family & we're not financially & materially blessed in life but God is always there to provide one day at a time. This was taken during their visit to their hometown in Cebu (Bogo & Medellin) with my niece. I'm thankful to God they were able to enjoy their short vacation & somehow were able to relax & breathe fresh air. Every time I look at them in photos, I get teary-eyed... oohhh, how I wish I could turn back the time & do things differently. But as my Papa once messaged me, "Let worries go. Don't be serious entertaining problems... Be positive in all your desire clinging to God..."
(using: HappyBox - Summer Day, Summer Night, Summer Blocks, Vellum, Incribed 4 & Icons)

Lastly, Shaui is guesting at Gotta Pixel for the whole month of June. She's hosting a layout challenge at Gotta Pixel with her little freebie. You still have time to join until June 15 & the winner will receive a $20 coupon to her store. Yay... Here's the link... And here's my last layout.

Everyday is the best day for me or I am aiming it to be. Whether in good or bad mood, nor, good or bad day... the goal should be make each day count. And I don't care whether my boys are grumpy or I am grumpy, it's no excuse not to take family selfies. LOL
(using: HappyBox - Best Day)

Okay... that's all for now. Will be back in a while (hopefully) for some more of my new items. Go & visit HappyBox for lots of goodies.


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