Monday, December 17, 2012


It’s December and a couple of special occasions plus the Happy Holidays are here once again. I have just ended a birthday lottery at a postcard community forum I joined, Postcrossing. It’s a birthday lottery I hosted since I turned 1 in postcard exchange there & it was a nice thing to do once in a while.

Therefore, I am hosting a BIRTHDAY LOTTERY PART 2. This time it’s not for my postcard exchange community but here for my iscrap blog & facebook page. I decided to giveaway things instead of the usual coupon codes. It’s something new for me to do. ;)

I am actually hesitant to do this at first since I only get a few to participate every time I make giveaways. I hope this time I would have a lot of participants. Lol.

Anybody can join; you don’t have to be a scrapper to join. If you like to win these goodies you can participate. To my fb friends, you can also join if you want to. Lol.

Here’s what at stake:
20 sheets 2(4x6) clear slots album
160 lined pages journal with Arabic theme cover
Abu Dhabi (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) keychain
Abu Dhabi (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) magnetic bookmark
A little additional surprise (secret) 

All you have to do is:
Facebook ---> write your number + facebook name (#00 ing lim)
Just make sure you write on the comments section of the post itself and not on my wall. ;) I don't want my wall to be flooded with number + name; I will have to delete them. :) Just scroll down to locate the post (i highlighted it). 

Blogger ---> write your number + blogger name (#00 ing)

You can join both on my fb page & blog. For additional chances of winning, spread the good news on your fb and/or blog. Come back to my post to enter your number + name & the link that you have shared.

I will then choose 1 from my FB page & 1 from my blog; from the 2, I will pick the winner. ;D

I will end this lottery in 2 weeks’ time (December 30, 2012 Sunday) I will announce the winner on the next day (December 31, 2012 Monday)… or around the first week of January 2013. I might still be busy during the last week of the year. Hehehe…

Good luck… and start spreading the good news, too.


  1. #01 Karen
    I'm not sure if I did this right, but here's hoping...


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