Thursday, September 1, 2011


Finally, after a long deliberation with me, myself, and I, here's the new ISCRAP blog. The old blog will still remain since I have still freebie posts there but do change your bookmark now for Iscrap into this one.

You maybe asking me "why change?"... I don't know particularly why. LOL. Perhaps it is because of me having a hard time maintaining both my blogs SnapEat & I♥Scrap. Here, I think I can easily maintain and I can blog whatever I want (not only for scrapping). May it be for food, photography, mumblings, scrap, craft and everything else under the moon, stars and sun. LOL.

As for a re-opening gift, I am offering a little freebie for you. This is in continuation of my Easter freebie Hope.

This is the second part Hope Part 2... and hopefully, there will be a part 3, 4 & 5 so that you can have a full kit collected at the end. *wink*

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Thank you for stopping by and please keep on coming back here.


  1. congrats grid! and thanks for the freebies too!

  2. Great freebie! You’ve been featured on the Quality DigiScrap Freebies blog:

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  3. Glad to get the new url - would hate to lose you LOL Thanks for the "hope" freebie - love the quotes!


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