Friday, September 2, 2011


Hi... Just wanna share this happy moments with you when my eldest son turned 7 last August 11. We were confused as to what to do & where to hold his birthday. We just came back from a month of vacation to Philippines to celebrate my youngest son's first home-coming & 2nd birthday. Traveling was quite expensive and so we were late on deciding what to do on Makuy's birthday. The week of his birthday we decided to spend it at the park. Fortunately, the weather was not as hot as we expected, it was a blessing indeed. Here are some of the photos during that fair day.

This is our birthday boy, MARKUS. He only received a few gifts compared to his last 3 birthdays here in UAE but I was glad he didn't complain instead he was happy he got presents (& he loved all of them thanks to those who gave). He wore a white shirt with no. 7 stitched by the bbff Mads (((hugs))). It was a bit tight but he still wore it so that people would know how old he is. *wink*

We prepared the whole day since we invited a lot of friends to be coming but maybe because it's Ramadan, only a few came (not even half of what we expected). It's okay, no hurt feelings. LOL. It was just the same group of  friends we always spend park time with (missing a couple friends here). Thanks guys... Luv ya'all.

It was actually fun specially because we had a photobooth courtesy of Ayot (huge thanks Yots!). I didn't expect it would be that fun. The children were playing and riding bikes while we, the older ones and the not so older ones, stoke some pose at the photobooth. LOL

We didn't have our gift yet to Kuya. We were waiting for the Eid Sale since Kuya is asking for a bigger remote controlled toy this time. Next week, Lord-willing we would be able to buy our gift for him. *wink* OMG... time flies so fast. Before we know it, Kuya would have a deep voice already. LOL.

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  1. your welcome =) sayang i missed the party. nice layouts yots, ready for photobook printing? =)


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