Tuesday, September 13, 2011


hi there.
i didn't forget, just didn't have extra time to blog about it. lol
here's my new kit i released last friday, september 9, MAKE ME SMILE.

 and i had a little giveaway which 5 of you participated... and here's the winner...

Becky R. said...
I yelled at my hubby for drinking the last of the milk this morning...mostly because he was supposed to read my mind that it was "my" milk, I guess. He leaves for work and 15 minutes later the front doorbell rings. There on the front porch is a gallon of milk and my hubby is pulling back out of the driveway yelling that the "dairy fairy" came. He makes me smile. :-)
congratulations Becky R. please email me at iscrapbyinglim@gmail.com to claim your prize. thank you ladies for participating.

i have an upcoming new paper collection using some of the beautiful textures i personally collected. it will be released this friday, september 16. do watch out for it.

thanks again.


  1. Oh wow!!! Thanks so much. Can't wait to play with this! And that yellow smiley face post-it note makes me smile too. :-)

  2. Congrats on the new blog, Ing!!! Looks really great! I've updated the link in my blog. :)


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