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Trying hard to lose some weight... this is what I have been trying to achieve for years. Then a friend introduces this Brazilian Slimming coffee & told us to take it every morning 30 minutes before breakfast and that should somehow accompany taking this with some body movements or exercise so that it would be more effective. So, we did tried. With my two frienships I was the first one to try it ahead. First couple of days of taking it I felt light like I'm floating. Then eventually I don't feel bloated anymore like I used to, I am always thirsty & I always go the the toilet to pass urine. Plus I don't feel hungry nor crave for food anymore like before. I thought this is it. A couple of weeks have passed by I couldn't see any difference then my two friendships started telling me I look like I am loosing weight already since my clothes are starting to look loose on me. Hmmmm... maybe the slimming coffee is working now or was it just their imagination. But when I tried to fit those clothes I kept that don't fit me anymore, wooow... it fits! Wow! Yes! Woot! Yay! I was shouting for joy actually. I was glad... I am glad with what I am becoming, slowly loosing weight. So, I decided to religiously drink this slimming coffee everyday for as long as I have to or until I have reached my desired weight then I would take it for maintenance. It's actually helping me not to crave on food & I can easily stop eating because I already feel full even with only a few bit or spoon. I am thinking it's good.

Then my friendship's sister was hesitant to take it since she was not feeling good the first time she took it; so, she did a little research and she found this blog, A Bang's Life. I was in shocked reading through her blog about slimming coffee and the dangers in drinking it but since I could see her photos of her own experiment, I tried it myself using the 3 coffees I usually take (Brazilian Coffee, Alitea & David Off)... and here's what I found out.

The bottom part are simply mixed with hot water. The middle part I mixed with dishwashing liquid & it just had minor change in color. But the upper part I added detergent powder dissolved in water and the slimming coffee turned reddish... and according to what I read that means something to be worried about. =(

You can read her blog about this here. I don't actually understand everything specially those scientific terms but what I understood is that slimming coffees are dangerous & health hazards. Although we needed the right institutions to do the testings to prove that whether it is okay or not okay, it is instilled in my mind that it could be dangerous. But what to do now that I have taken almost 10 boxes of the slimming coffee? I just hope & pray that it won't do harm on me or I could find a way to flush it out (?).

While reading through all the comments on Miss Bang's blog, I read this comment from an Anonymous author specially mentioning the Brazilian Coffee:

hi miss bang,
Very informative ng blog mo and really an eye opener for all. I’m very impressed to you, your basis are scientific. I can say lucky are those people who are anxious to discover things and wise like you.
For all,
And now the question: A SLIMMING COFFEE???
Answer is: Yes indeed, it is! Will definitely make you slim surprisingly and in no time! Effortless ika nga!
Next question is: A KILLER COFFEE?
Answer is: Yes again. It would barely and slowly kill you. Frightening and disappointing, isn’t? But true.
Example: Brazillian coffee
Main ingredient: Garcinia Cambogia- certain fruit ito na tumutubo mostly in India and some parts of Asia. Yung extract o katas nya ay hydroxycitric acid (HCA), claimed to suppress appetite and enhance fat-burning. Animal research supports these claims, but subsequent human trials have been equivocal (means unclear/ misleading)
Now, is it indicated sa box or leaflet yung dose or amount nito per serving and How long mo ito iinumin o kelan ka hihinto???? HINDI. Masama ba ito?? OO. Bakit? kasi hindi natin alam kung excess amount na ba yung natatake natin and it is known to cause serious side effects and aggravate other underlying health conditions. (na nararamdaman na nga ng most people na umiinom nito, I cant elaborate all but mind you that symptoms may vary from one person to another)
Is it safe to use appetite suppressants??? It might be or it might be not kasi iba iba ang nature ng mga ito. One kind is yung nabibili sa drug store, another one is herbal or natural (e.g. Garcinia Cambogia) However, FDA and BFAD hindi nila nireregulate ito nor inievaluate for safety and efficacy. That’s the reason kung bakit walang approval ito galing sa BFAD,
For your information:
Certain laboratory made na appetite suppressants like the above mentioned by Miss bang “Sibutramine” It works by acting on appetite control centers in the brain to decrease appetite. “Sibutramine” has been banned and wthdrawn from the market sa US, Canada, Austrialia, UK etc.dahil sa maraming safety concerns and contraindications.
Increased rate of heart attack and stroke. Centrally acting medication kaya maraming affected na systems and organs sa katawan.
Nervous System- headache, confusions, dizziness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, change in appetite, dry mouth etc.
Cardio- highblood, low blood, chestpain, palpitations etc
Renal- diuresis, backpains etc.
Digestive- nausea,heartburn, constipation,stomachache
Eyes- eye pain, change in vision etc.
Reproductive- painful menstruation, unusual bleeding
Yung substance na ito nakita din sa certain herbal supplements na hindi natin alam. Imagine maraming chemical substances that most likely be included sa mga slimming coffee na yan hindi lang yung nabanggit ni ms. Bang.
I must agree to her that those products need further laboratory tests.Yung mga manufacturer na yan na walang ibang hangad kundi kumita lng ng pera at ang mga resellers nationwide na careless sa health ng kapwa nila.

But somebody also commented of the benefits she got from taking slimming coffee:

To you, “Anonymous”,
It seems you like to be famous and be a good commentator like “Bang” but actually both of you are people with no good accomplishment. Commenting on something with out solid evidence . Dropping your statement of “Slimming Coffee or Killer Coffee” is a big accusation that needs to get attention from the manufacturers of those slimming coffee. Both of you are lucky of living in the Philippines that until now no manufacturer is filing a case against you of “Defamation”.
To you, “Bang”… I wish there is someone in Manila who will have the nerve to go to court and get an order to close your site. Only people with small brain will believe in you. You make me laugh on your post and after reading your story on the test you made on a certain coffee using a liquid soap!
What is your profession really by the way? I don’t blame your followers, Filipino by nature is “Matatakutin” kaya walang asenso sa buhay “Poor Mentality and Judgmental” but good in corruption and fooling others. Are you making money with your website for having too many ads or maybe someone is paying you to give negative comments on your site to a certain product. How about have a positive mind and attitude of thinking that those manufacturers spent their time and money to discover a good solution for obese people or over weight to avoid complications on their health cause by having over weight?
To you again Anonymous,
Let’s talk about the main ingredient: Garcinia Cambogia… Not to make you like a stupid try to check out this websites:
before trying to scared other Filipinos for drinking the slimming coffee.
Compare also the rate of people died from being obese and the people
died from drinking the slimming coffee. That is just easy, one plus one equals two… Might those people like you and Bang will easily get the true answer but you need to be good in Math and analysis!
To everyone,
Fashion Slimming Coffee with Japan Pearl Extract and the Slimming Orange Juice are one of the good and best to drink to lose weight and even people with high blood pressure and diabetic can take it.
I did some research on both before made my decision to let myself and my daughter drink it.
By the way, my profession is a director and an independent corporate flight attendant at the same time… My name is Grace from California, USA.
Not my intention to insult anyone, just practicing my freedom of speech! I cannot just tolerate people with no respect and don’t hesitate to open their tactless mouth and mind.
Simple advice to everyone… Do your own research and Good luck!

Hello everyone! This is Grace again… Just forgot to mention, I was with 24 hour fitness for 3 years and never lost a single pound. What a waste of money paying $24 for my membership fee monthly and gas expenses of going to the gym everyday… But with the Fashion Slimming Coffee for 3 months, I lost 15 pounds and my cholesterol level went down from 300 to 230 based on my recent blood test. At present… I am still alive and kicking. Trying to be more healthy and to look more gorgeous at the age of 48 by taking the slimming coffee. Proud and consider myself as one of the good results of that wonderful product.

Now... who would I believe? What would I be thinking now? Would I go & continue or stop right away & flush it out of my system? Hmmmm... For me, I think I would stop drinking for now (or until a good research be done to prove of it's effectiveness without compromising one's health on humans & not on animals). And I should determine to try loosing weight the more healthier way... I am not aiming on being sexy, I just wanted to stay fit & healthy. OMG... Lord, help me!!!

The decision is yours...

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  1. I was thinking of taking some kind of slimming coffee, too. Emphasis on WAS, now that I've read your blog and Bang's. Eating healthily and exercise pa rin ang surefire, risk-free way to lose weight. Tapulan lang ko hehe.


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