Friday, October 12, 2012


hello there. it's friday once again & at last i am releasing my latest products & bundle pack. i know i have released a birthday mini album just a few weeks ago. i am doing a photobook for my bff's son's birthday & decided to create an album template & a kit to coordinate with it. i am not yet done with the photobook yet so i can't show it to you yet. i am hoping to get it done before the eid holidays, have it printed & shipped to bff before the year end. (wishing & hoping & wishing & hoping...) :-p

but you can save 20% when you buy the bundle.
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and before i go, here's a moment of our friday weekend here in the middle east. we went to this little unfinished park near our house. there's no grass, only dessert sand & the playground. but the boys liked it because the playground is all theirs (since we are the only ones there). hoping to get a dip to the beach or pool next weekend. the big baby was all crying on our way back home because he wanted to go to h____n & swim. lol... papa kim better get the car fixed for the next weekend. hahaha...

bye for now. have a great weekend.

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