Thursday, January 12, 2012

PATATIM for Noche Buena

we celebrated last new year's eve with one of our close family friends (the cayabyabs) since we live in the same house villa. we just stayed home believing that staying and welcoming the new year together will keep our family intact. that was our 5th year of celebrating new years here in uae. 

we just had a simple dinner with wine and conversation. then we watched the fireworks at the burj khlifa live on tv. the cayabyabs shared their pasta marinara and it was yummy. we prepared pancit canton, macaroni fruit salad and patatim. finally, i was able to convinced K to prepare patatim this time instead of the usual lechon ala kim. this was our first time and it was a success. 

i searched the net for a simple patatim recipe and as always i visit ms. connie's foodblog. there i found her 2 patatim recipes but K and i decided to follow her braised pork hock recipe but substituting other ingredients with what's available here in al ain.

it turned out quiet good and even more tasty the next day. but as ms. connie said, "when you substitute, the result always changes and you may have something not good or something better". i can't say it's better but it's good. 

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