Monday, January 23, 2012


kung hei fat choy!

it's our (k & i) year... year of the dragon.
hoping for the best but whatever happen to us this year, good or bad, trials or blessings, God's will be done. He knows our hearts desires and He is good... as He has promised "He will never leave us nor forsake us". 

and because it's chinese new year, i am craving for tikoy... the plain round tikoy. ahhhhh... i even asked a friend who is having his vacation now in cebu to buy me a box. hahaha... i specially like the plain tikoy and not those tikoy with filling or flavors. when we were young, my parents would buy a box of plain tikoy once in a while then we slice the sticky tikoy in wedges then dip in a beaten egg ans then fry on a little oil until golden. ahhhhh... yummy while still hot. 

while i was browsing the net to look for a good place to buy tikoy in cebu, i stumbled upon noynoy's blog, cebu and davao journey, and guess what i found out other than tikoy? batchang!!! ahhhh... the more i got hungry and i began to crave for batchang as well. i just miss these chinese foods. my father buys us batchang most of the time after his work. these foods simply reminded me of a beautiful childhood when we were still living in manila. 

tikoy. lots of tikoy. but i still prefer the plain round tikoy.
batchang... yum
 cebu la fortuna bakery... i will definitely visit you come august this year (puhon3x).

happy chinese new year!!!

year of the dragon image from poetryman69's posterous. 
tikoy & batchang photos from cebu and davao journey. thanks. =)

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