Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i know... i know... i know...
i was supposed to do this for january but i clicked something on my old blogger that i got confused already about everything and am still confuse now. lol... anyways, i finally decided on wearing a new blog name & designer name. friends have supported my plans of changing names. after much thought, i finally am here to announce that from now on i♥scrap will become ing♥designs (the heart is optional). once again i am asking you to update your links to this one now. i found it hard to let go of my previous designer/store name i♥scrap since it was my first though. =(

and i also have a new freebie for the holidays. i intended to release a freebie for the uae's national day last december 2nd but i was not able to finish it. so, i decided to vhanged it to a little holiday freebie still using the colors of the uae flag as the palette. here it is:

{ happy holidays freebie }
note: didn't changed the packaging since i already uploaded it on the store. =D i think i will have to remain being iscrap until further notice. =)

hope you enjoy it. i might be a little mia, i haven't decorated the house and christmas is nearer than i thought. plus, i have to finish wrapping the gifts and buying the other gifts to complete the list. lol...

happy holidays!!! wishing you more happyness & love.
thank you for dropping by.

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  1. Thanks for the cute freebie- congrats on the name change.


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