Thursday, December 1, 2011


hi all!!! it's the first day of december & it's my birth month!!! yay!
and for that reason, i am having a sale on my store (excluding collabs). =D

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tomorrow, december 2, i will also have 2 new set of templates for project 365 and 2 template bundles releasing at my store at mscraps... here they are.
pagemaker: p365 monthly edition 4
pagemaker bundle: p365 monthly edition 1-4
pagemaker: p365 weekly edition 4
pagemaker bundle: p365 weekly 1-4
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i had to post this earlier since we will be away for 2 days starting today (in a few more hours). it's uae's 40th national day and we have 3 days holiday. we decided to go to abu dhabi (uae's largest city) to see the fireworks (maybe tonight or tomorrow night). we are off to visit the grand mosque as well. we have been here for 4 years now but we are visiting the grand mosque for the first time tomorrow, inshala. we are with our family close friends and we will be spending the night with our friends & their family at their home in abu dhabi. so, this will be a great weekend... celebrate together with the uae nation their national day.

i was hoping to get a freebie done today but we went with our family friends to the light show at the jahli fort and spend a couple of cold hours at the jahli park (this will be for another blogpost). unfortunately, i wasn't able to finish my national day freebie... pardon me. but definitely i will post it here once i get it done & uploaded. i have a few more freebies coming this month though so keep on visiting me here.

thank you for dropping by.
lots of love.

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  1. hi!!

    so glad to find a fellow scrapbooker in UAE!! I haven't tried digi yet.. would love to.. love your designs and LOs :))


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