Monday, September 26, 2011


Yay... I was just browsing the net for random foodies that would capture my eyes... What? What am I saying?... Whatever... LOL. And then I came across this recipe which I have been wanting to try, Max's style fried chicken (sarap to the bones!) from Panlasang Pinoy. You can view Vanjo Merano's Max's Style fried Chicken recipe here with a video on step-by-step procedure. Thanks Vanjo for sharing.

Digiscrapping mojo is m-i-s-s-i-n-g, I have been trying to finish this kit for 2 weeks now & I'm still halfway to the finish line. Hump... On the other hand, the cooky me is present, so here's my take to the Philippines Max's style fried chicken which is the most popular dish of the Max's Restaurant.

1 whole Chicken
6 pcs. Dried bay leaves
1/4 cup Cilantro or Parsley, chopped
4 cups Water
3 cups Cooking oil
2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Ground black pepper

1. In a steamer, pour the water and bring to a boil.

2. Add the dried bay leaves and chopped cilantro in the boiling water.

3. Steam the chicken for 45 minutes.

4. Remove the chicken from the steamer and allow the excess liquid to drip. Let the chicken cool down.

5. Rub salt and pepper all over the chicken.

6. In a deep-fryer or tall pot, pour the cooking oil and apply heat.

7. When the cooking oil is hot enough, deep-fry the chicken for about 12 minutes. (If the chicken is not entirely immersed in oil, flip the chicken to fry the other side for another 12 minutes or until color turns golden brown)

8. Remove the chicken from the fryer and allow oil to drip.

- - - - - - -

The verdict as per the Hubby... looks & tastes like the real Max's friend chicken. But best served with ketchup, hot sauce (Tabasco) & soy sauce. I will be trying this again later and I will add dried lemon during steaming; then place it in the refrigerator covered after cooling down. I have read somewhere that when placed inside the refrigerator, the skin will tightened and become crunchy or crisp when deep fried. Hmmm... got to try that later.

Just made a little search and found that I have tried this before (even blogged about it here) but I just used a chicken leg instead of whole chicken. So far, as I was trying to remember the taste of it, I like this version by Panlasang Pinoy better but Mr Ut-man's version is worth trying, too. This is just my preference, maybe also because I am not into patis really. Hehehe... Hmmm... will try Mr. Ut-man's version soon, too.

Thanks for dropping by.

Will update the photo later... it should be MAX'S Style Fried Chicken instead of MAX Style Fried Chicken. Pardon me.

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  1. My all-time favorite roasted chicken cooked Pinoy style is Max's. I'm craving madly for one right now! Good thing I'm in Cebu for a conference. Our hotel is near Ayala where there's a Max's (I think). Wala man Max's sa Dumaguete. :-(


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